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Here I would like to answer a few questions that may be burning under your nails....

Where do you photograph?

Everywhere. I live in Hamburg and find it really nice here, but I also like to take my camera to the most remote corners of the world. So far I have photographed weddings in Berlin, Hamburg, Flensburg, the Uckermark, on the Mecklenburg Lake District and Rügen, and even in faraway Bavaria, among others.

And what are you like?

It's best if you make up your own mind. The chemistry between us should fit in any case. After all, I will be accompanying you through your day in intimate moments. That's why it's important to me that we get to know each other beforehand. Be it in person or, if the distance does not allow it otherwise, also via Skype or telephone. 

At your wedding, I will unobtrusively blend in with the company. I work discreetly and unagitated. I do not play myself into the foreground, do not "disturb" anyone and do not give any instructions during the day. Only with portraits or group photos I bring myself directly in.

What do we get for our money anyway?

First of all you get me ;) And you get security. I know what I'm doing and can flexibly adapt to any circumstances. Of course, I bring professional equipment with me, which keeps my back free for all possible situations. I know how to use it in the best possible way. So I can concentrate completely on you and your day. Of course, all data is stored on two cards simultaneously. Should a camera fall into the well, I have at least one more with me in any case. 

After your wedding, I will review the photos and make a selection, which I will then optimize regarding exposure, contrasts, colors, etc. For your favorite shots, I will also do more specific retouching without destroying the naturalness. I generally take the approach of creating an authentic look that reflects the atmosphere and light of your day. I deliberately break away from common trends and focus on unadulterated timelessness when editing your shots. 

In my eyes, the number of photos cannot be clearly defined. Do not worry! You will receive a large amount of pictures that show your day. You will receive them in full resolution on a USB stick. A password protected online gallery is also available for you and your guests. 

And last but not least, I love printed photos. Believe me, they have even more impact than digital photos on the screen. That's why you'll receive a customized wooden box with 60 photos printed on the finest Hahnemühle fine art paper.

How much is the fish?        

Well, that depends on what you want. Generally spekaing, I would recommend a full-day coverage - from the tension at the getting ready to the wild fun at the party. This way I can document your day for you in all its diversity and capture memories for you that you didn't even know you had. For an eight hour assignment I charge 2350,- Euro. In any case, feel free to contact me and I will make you an individual offer that meets your expectations.

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