I am very happy you found my page!

I'll keep it short: I am me! And that is exactly what is reflected in my photography. I am all about candid and honest images that show you, that show your loved ones, that show your day. As a wedding photographer, I have the great privilege to dive deep into a world that is unknown to me. Weddings are an expression of yourselves. Every couple is different, every wedding is different. Two people choose each other and want to celebrate this special union with friends and family. I find it exciting to get up close and capture emotions. Ultimately, weddings are about interpersonal relationships. And that's where my photography begins. I want to show images that tell stories. I want to meet high aesthetic standards. I want to break away from Instagram or Pinterest trends. At the same time, I don't take myself too seriously - unlike my job! I also enjoy creating photos that people can look at with a twinkle in their eye. 

Oh, this page is still quite empty now... So maybe I'll say a few words about myself. A few years ago I was allowed to photograph the wedding of two very good friends. Since then I have dedicated myself completely to photography. I took a new path for me and completed an apprenticeship as a photographer. I wanted to learn the technical craft from scratch and begin my search for my own visual language. In the meantime, I have my own signature and know what matters to me.

And what else… I like cycling, I like traveling, I don't like jogging - but I do it anyway. At least this way I can organize my thoughts quite well. When I'm not enjoying the excellent weather in Hamburg, I like to be on the road with my girlfriend Caro in a camper van. Somewhere between the Polar and the Mediterranean Sea you can find us - but often just in Mecklenburg. Over the years I had the great fortune to spend longer periods of time in various places around the world. Especially different countries in America Latina I could get to know quite intensively. I speak quite good Spanish and tolerable Portuguese. I am very happy and grateful for these experiences and hope that many more exciting encounters will follow. Well, I think this will have to be enough for now...

If you have any further questions or would like to get to know me over coffee and cake, please don't hesitate to contact me. Write me, call me, come by spontaneously. I am looking forward to meeting you!

Instagram @michaeltaterka.wedding

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